1. Some internet users say that DVD-Video copy protection is a myth.

2. How does DVD-RX work?

3. To what degree is DVD-RX protection compatible with DVD players?

4. Can anti-piracy protection prevent from ripping DVDs using computers?

5. Is it possible to copy a copy-protected disc using a duplicator?

6. Can a duplicator or duplication system be used to make copies of a copy-protected DVD?

7. Can a copy-protected disc be replicated in a factory setting?

8. I get my DVDs duplicated by certain supplier, but this company is not on your list.

9. What video file formats do you accept for copy protection?

10. I do not know the format of my video. How can I determine it?

11. How long does it take to complete a copy protection project?

12. Will copy protection affect my disc’s menu, sound, images?

13. Will the size of a video file change after implementation of copy protection?

14. What is the final product I get?

15. What do I need to copy a copy-protected ISO image to DVD-R discs?

16. How do I copy DVD-Video project in DDP format to DVD-R discs?

17. How do I forward a DVD-Video project to you for copy protection?

18. Can you copy protect software, text files and files of other formats?

19. How do I buy your software?

20. If I want to protect my video against illegal copying, what do I need to do?


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