Price: from  $450.00  per movie

Execution period:
1 movie — 1 business day

DVD-RX Pro — professional DVD-Video copy protection

Our universal DVD-RX Pro solution is suitable for any DVD manufacturers with a production volume exceeding 500 pieces. It is reasonable to produce such quantities of DVDs at specialized replication facilities to keep the production costs at bay.

If the production output of your company is less than 500 units, DVD-RX Pro solution also will be your best option. The market segment working with mid-sized batches encompasses virtually all producers of video materials targeting specific groups of viewers rather than wide audience.

Upload a DVD-Video using one of the methods

DVD-Video source master can be transferred to us through the Internet. You can either use your own resources or upload the master to our FTP-server.

More about uploading

Select the required number of licenses

We accept international wire transfers, local bank transfers (available in a limited number of countries), VISA or MasterCard credit card payments or payments made through PayPal payment system.

The most popular licenses:
for 500 discs —  $450  ( $0.90 /disc)
for 1500 discs —  $585  ( $0.39 /disc)
for 3000 discs —  $900  ( $0.30 /disc)
for 5000 discs —  $1 200  ( $0.24 /disc)
for 10000 discs —  $2 100  ( $0.21 /disc)
for 25000 discs —  $4 500  ( $0.18 /disc)

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Download the master-image for the production run

The copy-protected DVD-Video in DDP or ISO format are forwarded directly to the client or his proxy for further duplication.

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DVD-RX DDP — DVD-Video Copy Protection for Commercial Mass Production

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