DVD-RX Light
Basic online DVD-Video protection for recordable DVD-R media

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DVD-RX Light — online DVD-Video protection

Do you edit and author DVD-Video by yourself?
Do you need basic protection from amateur users?
Do you make limited copies of your DVD?

DVD-RX Light is a DVD-Video copy protection technology that employs online security method, i.e. the whole process is executed in real-time mode on the user’s PC with the help of RX-Light client application. “Light” solution is an application for copy protection that impairs illegal copying by creating unreadable zones in DVD-Video titles not intended for user data.

DVD-RX Light solution provides basic copy protection and is suitable for combating casual content piracy. Choose another DVD-RX solution if you need copy protection against more intricate piracy methods.

Protecting DVD-Video — it is simple...
Prepare your DVD-Video project for protection

Create your videos in comfortable environment, use common software.

When creating a DVD-Video project in authoring softwareDVD-lab Pro, Adobe Encore, Sony DVD Architect, Sonic Scenarist are some of the most popular authoring tools. you need to create an area on your DVD disc, which is going to be inaccessible for DVD players. Such an area must be located in the beginning of the disc (closer to the center) and it's going to be a barrier after DVD-RX protection elements are installed into it. You can create this area by adding first a title of certain length into your DVD-Video project. The volume of such area can be from 100 megabytes up to 1 gigabyte.

The unplayable area must be created in the first video title of your DVD disc (see screenshot below) and may contain any video, e.g. black screen. Various authoring software have different names for clips or videos, which are going to be compiled in the first DVD video title. E.g. it's “VTS_01” in DVD-lab PRO2, and it's “Sequence 1” in Adobe Encore or some other software.

You can use the menu of the VTS containing the non-playable title at your discretion. Such use will improve the level of protection of the DVD-Video project.

You can add one of the ready-to-go non-playable titles in M2V format stored in RAR archives (MPEG-2 elementary stream) offered below for downloading to your DVD-Video authoring scenario.

  4:3 16:9
PAL PAL_4-3.rar (78 Kb) PAL_16-9.rar (79 Kb)
NTSC NTSC_4-3.rar (702 Kb) NTSC_16-9.rar (393 Kb)

The last stage of the preparatory procedure is the creation of an ISO image of the DVD. You can perform it by either using an authoring software of your choice, or any other utility including ImgBurn — a free of charge software.

Please contact our support if you have any additional questions when preparing your project for protection. You can also order extended paid support which includes preparation of your project by the staff of DTLTech.

To get in contact with support send your e-mail to or use contact information.

Install DVD-RX Light copy protection

Use free Rx-Light software to protect your movie.

Rx-Light application is the client side of the DVD-RX Light copy protection client-server network. There is no charge for using it. Its latest version can be downloaded from our site.

— the version of the application:
— compatible operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
— installation is not required, can be run from any removable storage medium
— the Internet connection is required
— volume of data transferred: up to 100 Kb
— time needed to complete the copy protection process: ~10 sec.

Enter the license key
to check it

Burn protected DVD discs

You can copy the ISO image on an unlimitedCopy-protected ISO images can be burned to DVD-R discs an unlimited number of times. There are no restrictions on how many copies can be made. number of data storage media (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD+R DL) using any compatible software, e.g. ImgBurn. Please make sure disc verification is disabled after copying is completed.

Use common burning software and regular DVD-R media.


DVD-RX Light for small batch production


Download DVD-RX Light software

You can download DVD-RX Light software absolutely free. Before your download begins, please take time to register yourself as a user.
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