Protect your DVD-Video

DVD-RX is a comprehensive set of technologies utilized for copy protection and deterring unauthorized users from creating valid disc copies in DVD-Video format.

For authors, producers and rights owners

Most video materials in DVD-Video format are intended only for private use and not for duplication, replication or copying. The holders of the copyright strictly prohibit duplication, replication or copying of such materials. DVD-RX technology helps to guard legitimacy of copying and distribution of various video materials, be they commercial video footages of a movie studio, training video materials of a corporation, private and corporate video files or event videos.

Easy, reliable, undetectable

DVD-RX technology represents a passive protection that does not utilize any additional resources to play DVD discs. No special equipment or player is required to run copy-protected DVD discs. No additional software has to be downloaded to play these discs on a PC either.

DVD-RX elements are embedded so that DVD players do not recognize them while a disc is being played. A copy-protected disc is an exact copy of its source master. Therefore, the DVD-menu, or any additional data, or the quality of the disc will remain the same after application of the copy protection technology. DVD-RX copy-protected discs can be run on hardware or software DVD players.

DVD-RX does not collect information on a user. It cannot collect or transfer information on user’s genre preferences or devices he has or uses.

  • Reliable DVD-Video copy protection technology
  • Unaltered DVD-Video structure and quality
  • Can be run on hardware DVD player
  • Can be run on software DVD players
  • Compatible with DVD, DVD DL (DVD5 и DVD9), ISO and DDP
  • Compatible with DVD replication equipment
  • Compliant with the technical standards adopted by the DVD disc manufacturers

what is dvd-rx technology