About Us

The expertise of DTLTech lies in the area of DVD-Video protection against illegal copying from optical storage media.

We grant professional services in protection of commercial video materials stored in DVD-Video format. Our solutions will work for owners of fiction and non-fiction movies, video tours, training and workshop materials as well as private, corporate or event videography requiring copy protection.

Our objective is to help your business of any size to control the production and distribution of video products, minimizing illegal duplication and piracy. Our team not only implements advanced DVD copy protection technology, but also, in a continuous pursuit for excellence, closely monitors latest developments in the industry to deliver real-time protection against any newly discovered threats.

It is our policy to accommodate every client. If you own digital video materials and are looking to protect your rights, we are ready to discuss the solutions that will meet your specific needs.

Our order processing system is designed so that you get our attention shortly after placing your order, no matter how far you might be located.

Please contact us if you are in search of that one and only solution to protect your video materials against illegal copying.

Andrey Veprikov
DTLTech Founder


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