DVD-RX Light — Exclusively for Private Videographers

December 06, 2010

Just when New Year and Christmas celebrations are around the corner, DTLTech announces a release of light version of DVD-RX – DVD-RX Light. It was developed with the requirements of private videographers in mind. If you are involved in filming of special events and celebrations, this solution will work for you!

More about DTLTech

DTLTech is the leading supplier of solutions for protection of video materials in DVD-Video format against unauthorized copying and distribution. We deliver innovative solutions suitable for any category of video content producers — from self-employed videographers to leading global video production studios.

With the superb hands-on experience in the field, our experts are capable of developing timely and effective solutions bound to exceed your expectations.

Our team, in a continuous pursuit for excellence, closely monitors latest developments in the copy protection industry to employ the most advanced technologies able to extinguish most intricate newly crafted threats.